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A Place for the Displaced

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

A new film production company in Scotland, Seeing the Magic, has a bright vision of creating a creative place for those displaced by war. Their debut feature film, set in Scotland, Highland Brave, is a story of fleeing the terror of war in search of a safe place to call home.

Creating jobs for refugees and a charity to support

We have already been contacted by people displaced by the war in Ukraine and Syria. Ukrainian film professionals, resettled in the UK are being given the chance of being part of an exciting movie whose profits will go toward starting a new charity born of the desperate times we all live in. Syrian actors and film professionals are also needed.

Join the team

Syrian and Ukrainian refugees and are getting their acting chance, staring alongside famous actors from bigger Hollywood hitters such as Titanic and Star Trek.

If you would like to be part of this brave mission and help them achieve this dream for many then visit

If you are a refugee in the UK coming from a war-torn company and you would like to audition for Highland Brave then be brave and see what happens!

If you are an actor, film professional or potential investor for this cause-based film then they would love you to join the their cause.

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