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6 Ways to Help Refugees

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

There are so many amazing actions you can take to support refugees either physically, financially or from afar. these small actions can make big changes in these peoples lives - feeling welcome and cared for can create huge waves of change!

1) Stay informed and share the facts

The better informed we are about any issue whether it’s environmental, social, or economic. It helps us to make informed decisions and enables us more compassion for the cause. It can be that people have misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers, there are many who offer huge contributions to the UK. A great way to get informed on the refugee crisis is to follow key humanitarian aid organisations that are on the front-line sharing asylum seekers’ stories, supporting refugee entrepreneurs and helping families find a home.

Listen to the beauty, strength and vulnerability shared by these real life stories.

2) Host a refugee or asylum seeker

The recent Ukraine crisis has sparked thousands of caring individuals to open their homes and spare rooms to refugees and asylum seekers. Beginning in Germany the Refugees Welcome initiative now has chapters working in 20 countries. Facebook is a great place to connect individuals and families who are in need with a home.

3) Volunteer

One great way to get involved is to find out who’s already helping in your local area. To name a few in Scotland we have Scottish Refugee Council, Refugee Survival Trust, Refuweegee and The British Red Cross. Apply your talents and interests such as organising a community fundraising event, teaching business skills or social media assistance.

4) Help refugees integrate

We can’t imagine how it must feel to leave everything you called home, your school, your friends and come to a foreign country where you may not even speak the language. You can help by teaching English skills, setting up a football group, starting a crafts workshop or just socialising. Even a small gesture of friendship can mean a great deal.

5) Hold awareness events or share art

Helping generate and continue a conversation about refugees is crucial. We all lead busy lives, but we know so many of us genuinely care for others. Help spread awareness through sharing a documentary, hosting a cultural event, or creating some thought-provoking art. Spreading the word can be one of the easiest and most impactful things you can do for refugees because it sends positive ripples out into the world and who knows what your words, art or fundraising efforts may inspire someone else to do…

6) Join team Highland Brave

As a campaign to raise awareness of the story of the millions of refugees displaced all over the world, we wanted to create a movie which would open people’s hearts. Highland Brave will reach film festivals, cinemas and tv screens all over the world. Help us tell this story you can follow the film’s progress on social media and donate to the crowdfunding Indiegogo which will help this story reach the masses.


Money is a powerful energy which can transform someone’s life. Whether it’s a shelter, medicine or a pair of shoes all of these items would dramatically uplift a person’s life for the better. There are many charities and organisations you can offer money to and who will act on your behalf to deliver this aid.

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